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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Get Well Soon, Julieta!

***Julieta recently injured her hand, and will not be able to complete orders for some time. We will keep you updated on the progress of her recovery. Thank you for your patience!***

Friday, August 13, 2010

About Mola / Acerca de Mola

"Mola represents the beautiful culture that we are maintaining, including the native inheritance of our towns. This has been made possible by the effort, through many generations, of preventing the corruption of our cultures. Through these efforts, techniques and ideas have been shared and merged; colors, materials, forms, and designs are used so that every piece is a unique tribute to our land and our history."

"Mola ha creado ideas que se transforman en objetos que embellecen lo que somos manteniendo así la herencia indígena de nuestros pueblos, conservada gracias al esfuerzo de las generaciones al no permitir la corrupción de nuestras múltiples culturas. De esta manera se mezclan técnicas, colores, materiales, formas y diseños que hacen que cada una de las piezas sea un tributo único a nuestra tierra y con ello a nuestra historia."       

                                                                  - Julieta Monroy L.

Luisa and Julieta Monroy

Coming Soon: Mola Bags!

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

What is Mola? / ¿Que es Mola?

Mola is a fabric made from layers of material that are sewn together to create beautiful, colorful designs. It is handmade in Colombia by the natives, called Indigenas Cuna, located mainly in Chocó, a region in Western Colombia on the Pacific Ocean. Julieta Monroy, the creator and designer of this small company, uses this unique material to add bold colors to the shoes she and her team make by hand. Since Mola is made in small, individual pieces, each pair of shoes that includes the fabric is a unique, one-of-a-kind piece.


Mola es un tejido creado por los Indigenas Cuna, localizados al Norte del Chocó, occidente de Colombia. Julieta Monroy, diseñadora Colombiana utiliza la Mola y el cuero para crear originales ideas, que se transforman en objets hechos a mano, convirtiendo cada pieza en un diseño exclusivo; no hay dos igual.


           A Cuna woman holding Mola

       Every Mola is bright, colorful, and unique.

PLEASE NOTE: not all shoes are for sale. 
Please e-mail us to ask.

Tall (Heeled) Boots, Zebra Mola, Black Leather.

Tall Boots, Rainbow Mola, Red and Brown Leather.

Short Boots, Faux Cowhide, Blue Leather.

Short Boots, Rainbow Mola, Brown Leather.

Flats, Rainbow Mola, Brown Leather.

Tall Boots, Rainbow Mola, Green Leather.

Tall Boots, Red and White Mola, Blue Leather.

Contact Information

To order a custom pair of these beautiful shoes,
please send your information and preferences to:

We promise to never share your information with anyone outside of the company; we only need it to ensure that your order goes perfectly, and we are able to contact you as soon as possible when it is ready.

We have mens' styles too!

Please include:

- full name
- address
- phone number or e-mail (whichever is preferred)
- shoe size + actual foot length (centimeters)
- foot width (centimeters)
- calf width (centimeters)

* for correct sizing, measure toe to heel (with extra room) for length,
across ball of foot for width, around calf at largest part for tall boots,
and around mid-shin for short boots.

- mens' or womens'
- type of shoe (flat, short boot, tall boot, tall boot w/ heel)
- faux cowhide (natural or zebra) or MAIN color of Mola
- leather color(s)
- type(s) of leather (shiny, matte, suede)

please please please!
tell us any additional details that would make your order even better!

Flats $75
Short Boots $150
Tall Boots $175

If outside of New York, please add $5 for shipping

Please understand that, as these shoes are handmade outside of the U.S., your order will take 4-8 weeks to get to you. The wait is worth it!