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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Contact Information

To order a custom pair of these beautiful shoes,
please send your information and preferences to:

We promise to never share your information with anyone outside of the company; we only need it to ensure that your order goes perfectly, and we are able to contact you as soon as possible when it is ready.

We have mens' styles too!

Please include:

- full name
- address
- phone number or e-mail (whichever is preferred)
- shoe size + actual foot length (centimeters)
- foot width (centimeters)
- calf width (centimeters)

* for correct sizing, measure toe to heel (with extra room) for length,
across ball of foot for width, around calf at largest part for tall boots,
and around mid-shin for short boots.

- mens' or womens'
- type of shoe (flat, short boot, tall boot, tall boot w/ heel)
- faux cowhide (natural or zebra) or MAIN color of Mola
- leather color(s)
- type(s) of leather (shiny, matte, suede)

please please please!
tell us any additional details that would make your order even better!

Flats $75
Short Boots $150
Tall Boots $175

If outside of New York, please add $5 for shipping

Please understand that, as these shoes are handmade outside of the U.S., your order will take 4-8 weeks to get to you. The wait is worth it!